Benefits of Primobolan

Believe it or not, the effectiveness of Primobolan to dry out fat seems to be greater than acting for mass gain, precisely so it can be taken with more supplements, see deatils here:

Certainly, the main benefit is the lower incidence of side effects in general, in addition, other advantages such as:

  • Dry and strong muscle gain;
  • Elimination of extra fat;
  • Can be used by women;
  • Androgen power almost zero;
  • Helps tone muscles;
  • Increases nitrogen retention in muscle;
  • Serves to cut cycles;
  • Assists that the mass conquered remains after cycles with steroids;
  • Lower fluid retention, common to other anabolic steroids;
  • Considerable strength gain leads athletes to use this steroid in the pre-competition period.

In medicine the drug is used to treat problems in the elderly, such as sarcopenia and even osteoporosis. Children benefit from the formula to produce tissues and muscles when affected by illness.

Breast cancer (in women) can also be decreased with action of Metenolone, thanks to the antiestheogenic function.

Hexes of the Primobolan

Even though Primobolan is a steroid, where there is the interaction of testosterone with DHT (dihydriboldenone), when synthesized results in a different drug.

Uncommon by the junction of 2 carbon atoms, it ended up with a reasonable “anabolic power”, but without the typical volumes derived from the accumulation of water.

As said in the oral version, Primobolan seems to be more toxic, but, greater risks are only noticed when the medicine is taken in wrong doses or for long time not respecting the cycles.

Among the collaterals, more or less events can arise according to the organic reaction of each consumer. There are common reports of:

  • Loss of hair;
  • Can suppress natural testosterone;
  • Increased LDL cholesterol and decreased HDL cholesterol;
  • Emergence and increase of acne;
  • Oily skin;
  • As you can see, even though it is an anabolic agent considered mild, excess, just like any other situation where chemical drugs are used, can lead to larger complications such as intoxication.

This is why it is important to use this product under the guidance of a physician.

How to use Primobolan?

Modern and current formulas with the active principle Metenolone has combinations with ester propionate, whether it serves to slow the spread of steroids, and this leads to the person needing more application.

It is said that Primobolan may be a substitute for other steroids such as Deca Duralin, however, observation is necessary so that the user is not disappointed by the lower mass gain.

Today, in addition to Schering other companies such as Bayer (Germany) and King Pharma (Mexico), produce the drug in the net version. They are ampoules containing 10ml of substance and concentration of 100mg / ml.

Regarding the ideal form and use, it should be taken into account:

  • Objectives: The purpose of Primobolan is not to promote dense mass formation, but to promote mass harmonic;
  • Forms provided: Oral versions require different doses of the injectable;
  • Organisms: analyze the physiological conditions that oscillate between individuals;
  • Combo already used: It is important to use methenolone in tune with other steroids and supplements.

An idea of oral use can be initial doses / day 100 to 150mg in the first 15 days (not to exceed 8 weeks of use), or even intercalary day / no, increasing doses up to 200mg.

However, for a beginner to start with at most 70 mg / day is a wise way to avoid side effects and above all drastically reduce the risk, for women, of developing virulent characteristics common to steroids.

Already, in the injection version, the applications could be weekly and are around 350mg up to 600mg.

People accustomed to using steroids can reach doses up to 1000mg / week without any inconvenience.

It is important to remember that these are only ideal to use, to adapt them it is fundamental to follow the premises mentioned above.

Safe Dosing of Primobolan

The half-life of this steroid in oral form reaches 3 days, so you can consume the daily dose at one time. In the injectable form, half-life of up to 10 days is perceived, so a safe and efficient way of application will be twice in a week.

Think of 3 levels of consumers to define safe doses: beginners; intermediate and advanced, and take into account biological sex.

Dose female oral – version notoriously recommended – are said to be safe up to 100mg / week, however metabolic and physiological conditions can interfere and lead to undesirable effects.

For men, in this case the injectable version is more recommended, consider the levels to understand safety in maximum doses.

  1. Beginners up to 400mg / week;
  2. Intermediates up to 700mg / week;
  3. Advanced up to 1000mg / week.

Difference from tablet to injectable

Primobolan Depot – essentially Methenolone Enanthate – is the world’s best known injectable form. The formula consists of the molecular structure C27H42O3.

We can say that it is the weakest version, however, it promises durable positive effects and for longer. Plus much higher survival rate.

In the oral form (tablets) – ethyl Primobolan – also called methenolone acetate, we can find very modern manufacturing dynamics. Automatically the degradation is slow and with greater losses.

The molecular formula is C22H32O3, in which case the acetate ester is potent, but offers a lower half-life, besides promoting effects only after longer consumption. It is said in this version that the fat burner event is present.

To illustrate know that:

  • In methenolone enanthate, every 100mg only 70mg arrives in the bloodstream;
  • In methenolone acetate, for every 100mg, 85mg is dispersed in the stream.

Primobolan Cycle

#For men

As said, Primobolan is a steroid suitable for cutting and fat loss. It is not an agent to make mass “hatch”. Competitors bet on Primo to set and adjust the physical before sporting events.

A cycle idea is 8 consecutive weeks, but, “stacked” with other anabolics, such as testosterone propionate or even enanthate.

Other marumbas prefer oral cycles of Primobolan with testosterone propionate and trenbolone.

#For women

From a distance … Primobolan is an excellent anabolic for women, however the use is in the dose.

In addition, diet and training routine influences to take better advantage of Primo’s benefits.

In the first cycle it is recommended to use this steroid, respecting the maximum dose and starting with minimum amounts, which can be simple 30mg / day and gradually increase. Periods of consumption of 8 weeks are the most recommended and after starting post cycle therapy.

We remind you that there is no scientific research that guarantees safe levels of this substance. And side effects like thickening of the voice; clitoromegaly, changes in the menstrual cycle, hirsutism, among others, may appear.

Anabolic steroids to be associated with Primobolan

In short, and to simplify combinations of Primobolam can be:

  • With Dianabol and Sustanon and thus ensure rapid anabolism;
  • With Deca Durabolin for volume and anabolism in a longer term;
  • With Winstrole achieve quality and permanent definition.

Post-cycle and TPC of Primobolan

Therapies after the end of the period of use of anabolic steroids ensures maintain gains, in addition to protecting organs like liver, kidneys, prostate, testicles, hormonal balance and even psychological health, and should be done by both men and women.

Post cycle therapy of Primobolan can be started 15 days after the end of the cycle. An example of coadjuvants (active principles) for this period are:

  • Clomiphene: Serves to increase the production of hormone testosterone;
  • Tamoxifen: It serves to reduce the chances of aromatization;
  • Vitamin E: is a powerful antioxidant and will help minimize side effects;
  • Chorionic Gonadotrophin: to aid in the synthesis of testosterone.

In addition to these, you can opt for Silymarin for hepatoprotective function and therefore can be consumed before starting steroid cycles.

For women, it is important to note that avoiding rebound of estrogen is essential after finishing using Primobolan, and this should be the major goal in post cycle therapy.

We remind that methenolone is considered doping if evidenced in exams. But, as we speak, it was one of the most widely accepted anabolic sticks among world-renowned bodybuilders.

And, to date, users say they feel very good about the drug, especially because of the mild incidence of side effects.

However, such insights do not justify use without script and common sense.