Primobolan (Nibal): what is it, what is it for, benefits, function, where to find

Primobolan, Nibal or “cousin”, are trade names for the active compound Metenolone (masterone) which is an anabolic steroid ester (acetate / enanthate) and intimate androgen receptor (AR).

Very popular in the 70’s, but, which until today has high consumption among bodybuilders, maromas claim that this is one of the safest among injectable anabolic.

As well as Arnold Schwarzenegger – a major reference in bodybuilding – other athletes from the 1970s and 1980s have come to attribute improved performance to this steroid.

At the time, the consumption of the oral version “Nibal 20 mg” in the United States, seemed to make believe that all those who sought strength increase and recover muscles faster, could find in the drug the “magic pill.”

The “spell turned against the sorcerer,” and in the late 1980s, with the exclusive acquisition of the formula by the German Schering, the Nibal was no longer marketed to be replaced by Primobolan.

Transferred to exclusive ownership for Schering, only clinical use was permitted, and the importation should be only by physicians.

However, doping cases (Karin K├Ânig 1982, Jacques Demers 1983, Janos Farago 1984 and Birgit Dressel 1987) promulgated a reversal in the use of steroids, alerting the supervision and inhibition of their production, including Primobolan, which was already a product exclusive to Schering.

By objection from the FDA – Food and Drug Administration, Primobolan was withdrawn from the American market. However, to date it is listed as a permitted product. This incident has made room for the production of the drug that is injected clandestinely, except in a few countries (Paraguay, Japan, Ecuador, Turkey) that still receive lots of original Primobolan from Schering.

How to take Primobolan? What would be the benefits? Do you have side effects? They are part of the content of this post, plus many other issues. Read in Full!

What is Primobolan?

Primobolan is an anabolic steroid with active ingredient methenolone. Two versions are offered: Oral and injectable use, respectively acetate and enanthate.

The famous old-school, oldschool bodybuilding school has in its script the use of Primobolan, without reservations or prejudices.

The oral form has a higher level of hepatotoxicity, since it requires a larger process for synthesis and passes through the liver more than once, until it can be excreted. However the injection version is very well accepted and with fast results.

Ideal for the cutting phase, it has moderate anabolic effect and the estrogenic properties are almost imperceptible. It is said that it is a drug for dry gain, that is, defined shape with leaner muscles, not being indicated for those who want the Bulking.

The literature references this anabolic with the idol Arnold Schwarzenegger, inclusive, it is known that it was the favorite of the athlete, mainly for not to aromatize.

The chemical structure of methenolone is close to sharp steroids (it avoids muscle loss but eliminates fat), and this also projects it for both men and women.

When it was created – the goal was to find a moderate drug – it would inhibit to the maximum side effects. But let’s not forget that Primobolan is also a derivative of DHT (DHB-dihydroboldenone), and like other known anabolics, it will soon be susceptible to the consequences according to the formula.

What is Primobolan

The active ingredient metenolone – which is present in Primobolan – is an item of pharmacology that is intended to treat diseases, for example, anemia caused by lack of red blood cells.

It also serves to alleviate anomalies due to forced catabolism in the case of surgery, radiotherapy, lack of protein. People suffering from AIDS are also benefited by Primobolan, by direct action on the immune system,

But, as I said, at the height of some bodybuilders like Steve Reeves, later Arnold, Nubret and Dave Draper, who started to increase in the diet much more than grains, protein and some types of anabolic supplements became “audacious” for the time, and a big step for “dry” and interesting anabolism!

Usual cycling with Deca or Dianabol was a trivial way to improve performance, Oxandrolone, Stanozolol and Primobolan gradually gained ground, the latter being the most “glittering” among elite athletes.

A formula that does not convert to estrogen and therefore does not aromatize, promote the goal of maintaining lean mass, but eliminate kilos, and even over minimize side effects are Primo attributes.

In addition, its lipolytic potential instigates you to use it without taking risks of gaining weight and this leads to more users and experience the anabolic Primobolan, even if it is difficult to acquire it because of the unavailability in the market, or because of the high value.