Proviron or mesterolone is a medicine recommended for the male audience, especially to act in cases where there is androgen deficiency.

It is quite recurrent that some remedies end up having a different function from the original proposal, from the end to which it was designed. Proviron is one such case…

In essence, the drug in question is an anabolic steroid; however, its androgenic properties (evident in the AR receptor) are very well accepted by the male body.

The feats of the Proviron also gain space among maroons. They find in mesterolone an ally for “substantial” shape and other benefits.

But even so, Proviron is still a drug, which plays a leading role in treating men with hypogondism, oligospermia (infertility), and even one of the biggest ills among male audiences, impotence.

Yes, Proviron is recommended to increase free testosterone (important for rapid male reactions such as erection, for example).

In this post we will talk about Proviron, what it is, how it acts in the body, whether women can consume, among other things. Keep reading!

What is Proviron for?

Proviron is providential to avoid decreasing the physical and mental capacity of patients in middle age or old age.

It is also recommended for disorders resulting from androgen deficiencies, which can be resolved or reduced using the drug, such as:

  • Efficiency reduction;
  • Greater fatigability;
  • Decreased ability to concentrate;
  • Decreased storage capacity;
  • Irritability;
  • Sleep disorders;
  • Depressive states;
  • General vegetative disorders.

It also eliminates potency disorders caused by androgen deficiency. Proviron also stimulates the target androgen-dependent organs o:

  • Growth;
  • Development;
  • Functions.

In the case of power disruptions in parts or integrally of another origin, the Proviron can be consumed as an auxiliary of other therapeutic actions.

It also helps against hypogonadism and promotes the development of secondary sexual characteristics in cases of pre-pubertal androgen deficiency.

And it eliminates the symptoms originated by the insufficiency in the situations where there was shortage in the gonadal function post puberal.

Proviron also increases the number and quality of sperm, as well as the concentration of fructose in the semen, increasing the likelihood of procreation.

It can be said, therefore, that Proviron helps to restore Testosterone, which decreases in men according to age.

What is Proviron’s function?

It has the function of dihydrotestosterone, a testosterone metabolite, modified to be ingested orally.

Even with these modifications, it still has the same effects.

Ingested orally, testosterone has to go through digestive processes before absorption by the body.

That is why the vast majority of oral steroids have their effectiveness impaired when ingested in this way.

Proviron provides a slightly higher potential for anabolic properties than testosterone, possibly with less androgenic side effects with which testosterone is often associated.

It also helps in reducing body fat, helping to better deliver it throughout the body.

Proviron was widely used by bodybuilders in the 1970s and 1980s to achieve greater muscle definition.

A study by the International Journal of Experimental Pathology links Proviron with some cholesterol benefits and increased heart cell growth.

This in addition to the already cited higher numbers of sperm count, higher sex drive and increased libid

How to take Proviron?

Proviron is available as a tablet containing 25 mg of Mesterolone, in addition to some excipients, which are:

  • Lactose;
  • Starch;
  • Povidone;
  • Magnesium stearate.

Packing is usually available with 50 or 70 tablets. To treat testosterone deficiency it is recommended to take 15 mg per day, ie three tablets.

Adepts of the drug for purposes of hypertrophy can consume from 50mg to 150mg per day.

This is because it is not a fast acting drug, and it takes some time to notice the benefits of your drug use.

However, increasing the dosage above 150 mg per day will not accelerate the results. It is necessary to be patient and to avoid immediacy.

It is common to take Proviron in cycles lasting 8 to 12 weeks or 6 to 12. Also remembering that combination with other drugs may increase the risk of side effects.

And every time you consume Proviron, you should take only one tablet at a time.

Can Women Consume Proviron?

Adepts of the drug should not exceed the dose of 25mg / day, as this would increase the risks for virilism.

However, controversial opinions on whether to take or not should be weighed before the initiation by women of any substance that has androgenic anabolic properties from steroids.

Who should not take Proviron?

Men with suspected prostate carcinoma, breast carcinoma (in this case also women), incidence of liver tumor or that has already occurred, should not take Proviron.

Children, pregnant women and nursing mothers should not consume the product.

Proviron boosts testosterone?

Yes, it is a coadjuvant to increase free testosterone in men and women.