What is Dianabol?

Dianabol, also known as DBol, or even the primary component methandrostenolone is a widely used steroid between bodybuilders and practitioners of intense training.

Developed in the United States, Dianabol is a steroid that came up with the goal of proposing something different from the market: that of not being injected.

That is, consumption can be done through small tablets that must be administered through the oral route.

This new conception of application has brought much curiosity to the anabolic market, as hitherto only known steroids have been injected.

Although it is a new way to use this type of supplement, the promise is that Dianabol can deliver considerable mass and strength gains.

It is even speculated that the results are very similar with steroids being injected.

However, before using any kind of product, seek to know the risks they offer to your health, especially in that case.

Strong anabolics like this can have serious consequences for your body.

Even if the results are encouraging, it is undoubtedly necessary to do this before actually consuming the product.

Therefore, always contact your doctor and your nutritionist to evaluate which supplements are of interest to you.

In addition, through this guidance you will lessen the chances of complications occurring with your health.

And so, take the opportunity to learn more about what Dianabol is, what it is for, what the benefits and risks are, and other important points about this steroid, all addressed in this article.

What is Dianabol?

Before really delving into the subject it is important that you know that the name Dianabol is just commercial. That is, it is scientifically known as methandrostenolone.

Due to the results it provides, the drug in question has become well known in the world of high level athletes such as weightlifters.

The main motivation for using the steroid is due to the fact that it is one of the first among substances developed derived from the hormone testosterone.

After being made available around 1960, other brands have shown interest in the market offered by this substance due to the excellent return on sales.

Shortly thereafter, Dianabol won the most used anabolic stand in practically all sports with a high level of competition.

What is Dianabol for?

Since its marketing ban, the anabolic is no longer known as Dianabol.

Generally, it is often called the product in alternative markets like Andoredan or simply Anabol.

So, if you come across these terms when looking for supplements, know that it is this anabolic that we are analyzing.

When used, the drug greatly enhances the process of protein synthesis.

This effect compared to other steroids proves to be much more intense. By presenting a structural chemical modification, the anabolic is able to act very quickly in the body.

However, you have to pay a price for it since the substance is considered highly toxic to the liver.

In addition, another point that should be considered is the fact that the drug contributes to increase water retention. This issue especially harms athletes who want to have better defined muscles.

In contrast, water accumulation may be beneficial in other cases since it contributes to the increase in body size, although it is somewhat apparent.

Methandrostenolone has this characteristic, and therefore the substance was widely used for cycles of hypertrophy and also for explosion and muscle strength as soon as it emerged.

So these are the two main points that Dianabol can help.

But what are the other benefits offered by the substance? This is a question you should ask before considering using this type of steroid and that will be answered shortly.

What are the benefits of Dianabol?

Even the drug is considered to be harmful to health, especially when used properly, it is able to offer some benefits to the user.

The main points to consider are:

#Grain of muscles

Undoubtedly, this is the most prominent benefit. That’s because the steroid encourages the body to create good conditions for mass gain.

As a consequence the process of hypertrophy occurs with more intensity;

#Physical strength

The supplement is capable of acting in the body in order to encourage the potentialization of the force.

The result of this is that the workouts become more and more intense and, therefore, they demand more of the musculature;


Dianabol is an anabolic that demonstrates great potential to develop the muscles. So much so that the results can be noticed within a few weeks.


The lack of concentration may cause difficulties for the athletes to achieve the desired results.

In this case, the substance is able to help the body stay focused while performing physical activities;


When consumed, Metandrostenolone is able to accelerate the body’s metabolism. As a consequence of this event, the user will burn more calories than what is normally spent.

So there are interesting gains in lean mass and considerable fat loss.


The supplement presents relevant results regarding time to recovery.

When consumed, the body is able to cope better with muscle wasting and, therefore, favors the development of the regions worked in physical activities.

But, again we need to reaffirm that even the substance presenting these points, there are many risks involved.

These consequences can make the consumption of Dianabol completely unfeasible, and it must also be taken into account that it is not authorized by the National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA).

What is the Function of Dianabol?

The purpose of the anabolic is to encourage the user’s body to present results more quickly.

This is done in several ways, for example:

  • Fluid retention;
  • Acceleration of metabolism and recovery process;
  • Increased resistance;
  • Intensification of force.

However, the very fact that the substance is unauthorized to be marketed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) raises many questions about its credibility.

But one must also ponder that even though all these questions are clear, there are athletes who use the steroid to intensify their results.

The conclusion that can be drawn about the true role of Dianabol is that it is necessary to evaluate each case.

But it is fundamental that this should only be done with the proper guidelines of medical specialists, after all health is a very precious and must be taken seriously, right?

Side effects of Dianabol

Because it is a very strong drug, avoiding the side effects is a difficult thing to do.

This is because there are several complications that the user can develop throughout the use of the substance.

Even if the results are visible the question that remains to be evaluated is whether it is worth undergoing the anabolic to achieve the desired muscular condition.

Among the side effects of Dianabol are:

  • It affects the hormonal system: the strong action that the substance presents in the organism hinders the regulation of hormones, especially testosterone;
  • Cardiovascular: For the proper functioning of the organism, the process of regulating blood pressure must work in an expected way;
  • However, the drug, by increasing water retention, directly interferes with this control. As a consequence, some cardiovascular problems may arise;
  • Hair loss: This is a type of problem that can be considered general when using anabolic steroids. With Dianabol this is no different;
  • Liver toxicity: The liver may be severely impaired while using the substance because it can not properly process the drug. This, even, can lead to permanent damage, so be very careful;
  • These are the main considerations about the side effects of Dianabol, but also know that users may have more oily skin and breast tissue growth.

How to take Dianabol

Unlike other steroids that can be found on the market, Dianabol does not need to be injected and is therefore simpler to use.

However, before considering the idea of using the substance, understand that the first step is to listen to medical opinion about the drug. If necessary, also consult your nutritionist.

Moreover, it is necessary to take into account the physiological question of each organism.

That is, for each person there may be a recommendation to use different methandrostenolone.

But in general the consumption is made with the dosage of 3 tablets per day of 5mg and about 45 minutes after the training.

Consumption should be done for 2 months to try to avoid complications from the side effects of Dianabol.

Upon reaching this time, the recommendation is that the user should be at least ten days without ingesting the drug tablets.

Concluding Remarks on Dianabol

Warning: women should not consume this substance as well as children, the elderly and the sick in general.

As already pointed out, its ease of use was one of the main factors to motivate consumption, in addition to the interesting results achieved by users.

One of the best-known use cases was by US Olympic athletes. The substance was supplied by the first anabolic distributor, Dr. John Bosley Ziegler.

However, the success of the supplement lasted little, because in the late 1980s the steroid was withdrawn from the market.

Despite the ban, the product is still marketed, but without proper authorization.

This is a point to consider before beginning to use the substance, as it is already an indication that the authorities do not have much confidence in this substance.

In this case, redouble your attention: there are many counterfeit products that say contain Methandrostenolone.

We also remind that our intention is to educate and guide and never induce to use.